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Slique Tea – Bringing Vitality to the New Year

In Aromatherapy, Holidays by Debra Reis

Making your New Year’s resolutions?
Is vitality and a healthy lifestyle part of the plan?

If so, consider adding Slique Tea to your health regimen.
This tea is a new product introduced at the 2011 Young Living convention.
It blends ocotea leaf with jade oolong tea leaves, all-natural cacao,
proprietary vanilla essential oil, and Omani frankincense powder.

This tea blend is rich in favonoids, a catechin compound generally associated with
maintaining weight, and polyphenols, which may be useful for weight management when
combined with a healthy diet.

In addition, Slique’s tea natural tea antioxidants can boost vitality and
make it an excellent choice for a healthy wellness plan.

Consider adding vitality to your 2012 plan and using Slique Tea.
I just received a box and will get started immediately.

Happy New Year to you!