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Raindrop Technique – Q & A about upcoming class

In Aromatherapy by Debra Reis

A Raindrop Technique class will be provided this Saturday, March 3rd from 8:30am – 6:00pm in Ottawa Lake, MI. I have received several questions and inquiries about this class. The following will summarize those questions:

Why should I learn this technique?
Raindrop Technique (RT) developed by Gary Young, ND has shown to be a successful non-traditional means of helping current medical concerns. It is a wonderful tool to assist the body’s natural healing ability.

What essential oils are used?
There are 9 essential oils used in a traditional RT and are known to support the immune system, relax muscles, relieve discomfort, and balance energy (to name a few benefits).

What technique is used?
There are several techniques but one linked to RT is called Vita Flex. It is a technique that uses a rolling and releasing of the finers to activate certain points on the body and can aid in the healing process.

I have a DVD – why not learn from it?
The DVD is a great tool. However, Gary has suggested some changes in the technique. More importantly, it is difficult to really see the fine details of doing this technique. I thought I was doing it correctly and found out differently!

Where did you get your training?
I was blessed to learn RT in Ecuador and received instruction on hand technique, rationale and benefits from Gary Young which I would like to share with you.
This class will also give you details on the essential oils used, safety and benefits.
You will give and receive a RT session with guidance. This is a wonderful class and I hope you will join me.