Debra Reis Young Living

Essential Oils – Quality Counts!

In Aromatherapy by Debra Reis

Whenever we share about essential oils, make sure Quality is stressed.  I use Young Living essential oils

because I know their farm and growing process (organic), the testing they do for purity and how they

distill which is an entire science.   According to Daniel Penoel, MD (Natural Home Health Care Using

Essential Oils, 1998), states that 10% of the world essential oil market is therapeutic grade meaning

organic, proper growing and distillation and so forth.  I have heard other experts state that you will not

find a healing oil (therapeutic quality) on a store shelf.  Most oil in the US market are cut with additives

or solvents and therefore not considered therapeutic.  I chose not to use these oils on myself, family

or clients especially cancer care.  We need to be very careful of using essential oils on those with

conditions such as cancer.  Often, treatment causes skin changes and products (usually with additives)

that could be tolerated before treatment are not tolerated later.  I believe the skin which represents

our internal health is more sensitive to products because of the additives/solvents being added to a

 system that has been loaded with chemicals and/or radiation.  

So, use care when selecting essential oils for your health and wellness.  Quality may be higher price

but so is your health!  Quality Counts!