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Diffusing Essential Oils

In Aromatherapy by Debra Reis

Diffusing is a great way to get organic essential oils into your daily wellness plan.  It is a subtle way to cleanse and protect your environment and home or work.  Our May meeting featured Jerry Levin who spoke about the different ways to diffuse.  A very cost effective, simple way is to place a few drops of your favorite oil onto a cotton ball and place on your desk or bedstand.  You can put a few drops into a glass bowl and do the same thing.  Young Living has a travel diffuser that is also battery operated and makes it real nice to diffuse in far away places!!  Jerry spoke about other diffusers such as the Therapro which is recommended to diffuse to prevent or get rid of mold.  Dr. Edward Close has a website and several publications on this topic and check him out for more details.  When dealing with mold, do not use a water source for diffusing.

The best diffusers are cool air which breaks the oil up into a microfine mist that is then dispersed into the air.  They oxygenating molecules will remain suspended for several hours to freshen and improve the air quality.  Avoid diffusers that use heat or candles – this is burning the oil and wasting it much quicker.

Best oils that I have found to diffuse include orange or lavender to relax; peppermint to focus or energize; lemon to cleanse and support the immune system; and Thieves blend from Young Living to protect and support the immune system.  Diffusing essential oils has been found to protect the physical system as well as to create greater emotional and spiritual harmony.

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