Aromas Beneficial for Business

In Aromatherapy, Videos by Debra Reis

Did you know that having a signature aroma for your office setting, work space or home can benefit your business and/or personal life?  There is growing research that aromas are linked to emotional and memory parts in our brain. The sense of smell connects to the limbic system of the brain which is responsible for emotions and memory. This may be why odor evoked memories can be emotional and this occurs immediately!

The aromas I refer to are called essential oils and can be inhaled, diffused and/or applied to the body. Inhalation is simple yet an effective way to obtain an outcome in seconds. This is important if we wish people to remember our business or maybe our home. Many people even use scented business cards so as to connect that aroma to their practice. This truly can be a powerful message to give to your clients or guests.

So, what aromas should you consider?  Well, this depends on your message.

If you wish to provide confidence or strength, consider wood oils such as pine, spruce or cedarwood. In addition, these oils are known to promote mental clarity and emotional confidence.

If you are in the fitness industry, there has been research on using stimulating oils such as peppermint or rosemary. These oils are known to help provide mental focus yet be uplifting.

Perhaps you wish to convey an atmosphere of comfort which is my goal in my practice of stress management and health balance. If this is also your goal, then consider the aromas of lavender or orange which are gentle, relaxing and calming to the mind and emotions.

I often get asked – how do I get these aromas into my space?  It can be as simple as placing a drop or 2 on cotton balls and placing throughout the room or space.  There are diffusers which can be used for larger spaces.

Some diffusers are water based and will give a nice aromatic mist to the space. This process disperses the oils into the air, allowing for better absorption through the mucosa of the nose.

Nebulizing diffusers are preferred as they atomize the oil and neither heat nor water is needed. These diffusers allow particles to stay suspended in the air for several hours which has been shown to be helpful for health and wellness.

Whatever aromatic essential oils speak to you and your business, make sure it is genuine and not perfume as these can be harmful especially if inhaled over long periods of time. For more information, see my previous video about essential oils: