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Holiday Stress? Essential Oils can Help!

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Peppermint- a great oil for clarity, decreases stress headaches and stomach aches, cools the body. It may be a little warm for some skin types to apply neat.

Orange and Cinnamon – an old remedy from many grandmothers. Science shows how both are great for the immune system. Take care when breathing in cinnamon – very strong and may irritate the mucosa; it should be diluted in a carrier oil such as olive oil if you wish to apply on the skin. Orange is safe for skin application however it is a citrus and use caution if applying on the skin and then going out in the sun. There has been a lot of research with orange for its antitumoral properties. There is research and testing with cinnamon and its effectiveness for the immune system.

Nutmeg – is a wonderful oil for digestion and related issues. It can be applied, inhaled or used as a food additive. Use caution with topical for some skin types may be irritating – may wish to dilute.

Joy – a great blend for the holiday stress. Contains several oils including rose (the highest frequency oil). Great to diffuse in home or office.

Many of you know how I LOVE the new Roll-Ons. We spoke about Stress Away last month – I still enjoy the many uses that are coming forward. It is great for anything (or anyone) that needs relaxation or calming. Deep Relief is a favorite of many for relieving pain and discomfort in muscles.


  1. Came here looking for holistic holiday destressing tips and really like this post… What's really cool about your list is that these are already the scents of the season. Makes you wonder — there are no coincidences! Here's another holiday article I found from Women to Women (holistic clinic) that you might enjoy —

    Happy Holidays!
    Jacqueline T.

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